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Faux Finishes & Restoration Techniques for Historic Homes
Historic Rooms
Faux finishes and historic decorating treatments that bring your dream room to life!
Inspiration for the DIY-er!
We hope our photos will inspire you. Our e-books and pictures can bring your ideas to life.
Victorian Specialists
We'll show you faux tin ceilings, aged plaster finishes, wall and ceiling papers, gilding ideas and more!


Find the faux and fantasy finishes to turn your home or commercial property into a period jewel! We give techniques, free newsletters, and e-books that show you how to create wonderful new surfaces: from three part Victorian wallpapers to tin ceilings, faux aged plaster, and marbled ceilings. Our projects have been featured in the Old House Journal, Washington Times Newspaper, and Washington Post, PaintPro, and the San Francisco Chronicle

We've got over ten years of tips and techniques to show you! In 2020-2021 we'll be showcasing new DIY tutorials and e-books. Bookmark this site, or Follow Us on Facebook, or Follow our Pinterest boards!

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Decorative Victorian Ceilings
Decorative Ceilings
Frm real tin to faux tin fantasy tiles you can make yourself, to Victorian wallpapers, we can turn your ceiling from white to exciting
Historic Ceilings
Mosaic Tile Bathrooms
Wall treatments
From plain to mosaics, add stencils, faux finishes, embossed wall coverings, Victorian three part wallpapers... there's no end to the variety!
Wall Treatments
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Faux finishes - colorwashing - ragging
Faux finishes by the dozen!
Ragging off, colorwashes, gilding, faux plaster -- you name it, we've probably done it. See the pictures!
Faux Finishes

about us

Founded in 2002

Licensed in DC, we decorated historic homes and condos across the Washington metropolitan area. Featured in newspapers and magazines, and now bring our tips online to do-it-yourselfers. We also distribute free e-books, and sell hand-crafted wood pet gates.
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Latest news

Easy non-drip stencil technique
Our upcoming December 2020 newsletter will discuss a paste based technique for creating stencils that will remind you of Italian sgraffito, and you needn't be Caravaggio to do it!
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