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How to Create Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles - An Instruction Guide (Coming Soon - around Aug 2024 )    

Faux finished ceiling tile book
Makes tiles in metal, painted, and other fantasy finishes
May 01 2024
Our new book will show you how to convert plain tiles to spectacular! The look of bright metals, antiqued metals, gold leaf, leather, pearlescant finishes, and so much more!

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Metal ceiling tiles
Antiqued Finishes for Fantastic Depth
Perfect for Victorian and traditional decors, these tiles - when antiqued as shown here - add incredible interest to your ceiling or backsplashes.
Look at our ceiling tile finishes
Gilded ceiling tiles
From cool colors to the brightest gold
We even teach you how to gild these tiles for a ceiling fit for the Medicis!
Look at a ceiling tile project
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