Stencils - How to apply stencils to furniture, walls, doors using glazes, powders, and paint
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Stencilling for Floors, Doors and Walls using Paint, Glazes, Powders, and Skimstone    

Urban Revivals has created stenciled walls, doors, and floors using prefabricated or uniquely designed stencils, created by our staff. We create our stencils from heavy card stock, and cure them with linseed oil or shellac, for long-lasting durability. We can use your designs, or create new designs from books of ornament (for example, the purple stencil below was created from a 15th century Arabic floor design). We also provide stencilling techniques in our monthly newsletters and e-books. We encourage you to join our list!

stencils for skimstone floor
From design to the finished floor!
stencils for skimstone floor
Floor stencils on painted floors
This flooring was so distressed that it was painted a grey-white, whitewashed in a brighter white, stencilled in dark green, and sealed with many coats of Varathane.
mosaic stencils
Simple painted mosaics
Even simple geometric stencils can enhance a room. Here, square painted mosaics circumnavigate a room stippled in yellow ochre glaze.
door stencils
Door stencils
These ornate stencils mask the fact that behind these doors are a washer and dryer! The moldings have also been antiqued and a pediment (not shown) was finished in faux Florentine stone.
door stencils and pastes
Stencils using metallic pastes
These stencils used the same mask as the ones applied to the laundry room door. They follow the chairrail up the stairs. This is one of the easiest ways to apply stencils as the pastes do not drip.