Victorian Historic Paint Schemes for Walls and Ceilings - a 1915 Lobby Project in Dupont Circle
Urban Revivals

verve Urban Revivals

Faux Finishes & Restoration Techniques for Historic Homes

Interior Victorian Paint Scheme for Wall and Trimwork    

This 1915 condominium building in downtown Washington DC was in dire need of a facelift. It's walls were dreary and tiles in poor shape. Urban Revivals gave the residents a number of color choices, and worked with them to lighten the area, fix the door, remedy the degrading tile, and enhance the architectural ornament.

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Compound cornice historic paint colors
DURING - painting of compound cornices
Sections to be painted were alterated, so that painters tape could be applied to create clean edges for the colors. (Learn more about cornices)
Completed compound cornice painting
AFTER - painting of compound cornices
Paint color selection
The importance of color samples
Not is it only important to review color boards, it was essential to provide samples on the wall of colors, so residents could make their choice.
Gilding of Architectural Ornament
Gilding of Architectural Ornament
Gilded rosettes
Gilding of Rosettes
These plaster runs date from 1915, and were made more visually interesting by gilding the rosettes with composite leaf (nontarnishing gold substitute).