Historic Restoration for Homes c. 1885-1925 - Encaustic Tile and Art Tiles
Urban Revivals

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Faux Finishes & Restoration Techniques for Historic Homes

Art Tiles & Encaustic Tiles    

There is really no substitute for the texture and patina of old tiles, worn by generations of foot steps. But, when these tiles break, flake, or begin to fall apart from loosening or water exposure, then it is time to take protective steps. Urban Revivals can repair art tiles and encaustic tiles, both glazed and unglazed, so that these forms of degradation are less noticeable to the eye.

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Replacing Tiles by creating molds
Mold Creation for Replacement Tiles
We can cast replicas of other encaustic tiles. This was done for a c. 1915 floor in a condominimum building in Washington DC. View the complete tile project.
Mosaic Tile Restoration
Tile Restoration c. 1915
A noticeable difference can be seen in the before and after side of the room, as we fix chips, replace broken tiles, amd enhance missing spots of color. View the complete tile project.
Mosaic Tile Floor
Completed Mosaic Job, recreating 1899 tile patterns, with new vanity, and ebonized door. View the details.