Victorian Kitchen Restoration - a c.1899 Home Project in Dupont Circle
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1899 Kitchen Renovation by Urban Revivals    

View the steps needed to restore a c.1899 Eastlake Style kitchen to its former grandeur. See paint schemes consider, work steps, improvements of architectural ornament, and restoration of ceiling, cabinetry, and floor. A faux leather ceiling inset was also installed, which helps preserve the feeling of a past age, even with copper recessed lighting.

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Renovation of Dupont Circle kitchen
In Progress - Floor and Plumbing Renovation
After removal of vermin and rotted wood, a new subfloor was installed, and plumbing was fully reconfigured. This is the most difficult stage as cabinetry and appliances arrive while surface restoration and old equipment removal is still occurring. Space was very tight on this job.
Victorian Kitchen with fireplace
Job at completion - c.1899 Kitchen Restored, keeping the delightful quarter sawn oak door with stained glass, plus fireplace
Gingko Glass Tiles
Gingko glass tiles were used as a backsplash. These trees are commonly found in the neighborhood; they are one of the most ancient trees in the world, and highly pollution tolerant.