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Wallpaper Borders    

Urban Revivals can install floor-to-ceiling wall paper, small area coverings (such as borders), or highly ornate Victorian three-part wall treatments, and ceiling papers. Wallpaper borders, while traditionally printed on heavy-duty paper in long rolls, can also be created from photocopies, painted mosaics, Lincrusta, embossed coverings, or from stencils. We can even paint ornamental moldings or friezes to add a level of visual interest usually obtained with border papers, but with the added benefit of greater size and depth (see great examples on our wallpaper page). All standard paper borders will be applied with commercial wallpaper paste, picked to ensure strong bonding with the grade of paper. In addition, borders can be matte polyurethane treated if applied in areas exposed to moisture (such as laundry, bathrooms, and foyers.)