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Ceiling Paper - Sure You can Wallpaper your Ceiling!    

Create the look of a Victorian Parlor with Ceiling Paper and Three Part Wall Treatments. Ornamental ceilings became popular in the 1870's, and are a hallmark of the Aesthetic movement of the '80's, often accompanied by oriental and nature-inspired fabrics and ornament. Ceiling papers and decorative tin tiles remained in frequent use through the 1920's. All photos are work performed by Urban Revivals.

Ceiling paper border
This simple wallpaper border edges the ceiling, and complements a ceiling medallion finished by Urban Revivals. The walls were faux finished to resemble aged plaster.

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Faux tin ceiling tiles as ceiling border
Decorative ceiling tiles cann also be used to add texture to your ceiling. Shown here in our antique bronze-finished Armstrong ceiling tile. (learn more about ornamental faux tin ceiling tiles)
Painted compound cornices
Instead of wallpapers on your ceiling, you can also build up a compound cornice, with lengths of trim in different painted colors. This cornice is found in a condominimum building in Dupont Circle, Washington DC. We gilded the ornament to add greater luxury to this entranceway.