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We prefer using water-based treatments to achieve the look of aged plaster over drywall, which is shown in this project, but we also use Venetian plaster and joint compound-based techniques for a thicker aged plaster finish. Our first project uses a sandstone colored glaze as opposed to the grey/raw umber blend for plaster. Scroll down for more traditional faux plaster looks.

Sandstone finish
Appearance of Sandstone
The warmth and texture of this finish created the earth tones and warm reflections in this room that paired well with the greenery and flowers.
Faux marble ceiling in green
Faux marbled ceiling
The ceiling was marbled, with indistinct graining, in a pale green with cream and grey veining. It was sealed in matte varnish.

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Venetian Plaster
Faux Plaster technique (in progress)