Antiquing a Decorative Sideboard - Details and photos of how to age painted furniture
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Buffet Restoration and Antiquing    

We show how to antique a piece of furniture, while additionally changing its color and gilding ornament and carving. Shown on a buffet in NW Washington DC. This delightful buffet was easily identifiable as a piece from the 1880's because of its rococo design and English thistle pattern. Work performed by Urban Revivals.

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Shell Ornament
Shell Ornament BEFORE Gilding
This top piece on the buffet was antiqued but largely unadorned. We decided to gild it and pick up peach and gold tones.
Gilded Shell
Gilding the Top Ornament
Our goal was to have the buffet blend with the wall and this long carpet runner. We used a faux Aztec Gold leaf (copper-gold blend) for the shell on top.