Historic Hardwood and Painted Floors in Victorian Designs - by Urban Revivals
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Faux Finishes & Restoration Techniques for Historic Homes

Restoring Historic Floors - Recreating Period Styles    

The Washington area is blessed with grand homes and embassies with floor patterns that can be placed into your home, too. Let Urban Revivals provide you with floor plans that can be used by do-it-yourselfers, or any floor installer. All photos on this page reflect designs and floor creation performed by Urban Revivals.

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Painted Floor and Stencils
Painted Floors with Period Stencils
This floor was greatly damaged from long exposure to rain, from a failed roof. Rotted wood was removed. The floor was primed, painted, antiqued (to mask a multitude of sins) and stencilled. The baseboard, which looks like marble, is actually decoupage.
Floor Renovation
Replacement of Missing Tiles
Approximately 10% of the tiles in the color Greek key pattern were missing, as well as the floor tiles. Urban Revivals replaced missing tiles and restored the appearance of this floor.
Floor Renovation
Complete Cleaning and Repair of Cracked Tile and Missing Grout
The entire floor was cleaned and restored across a 1600 sq foot area.