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Faux Finishes & Restoration Techniques for Historic Homes
Historic Rooms
Create faux stone as used in rooms c. 1850-1930, like the Florentine stone pediment shown here
Treatments from Ceiling to Floor!
Faux marble on the ceilings, sandstone walls, malachite panels, the variations are endless
Subtle to Bold
Whether creating faux marble columns or richly colored Pompeian decor, there's a faux stone finish for you!

Urban Revivals can transform a flat surface into a visual feast. Our faux stone techniques vary from simple white marbles, to vivid malachite stone, tortoise shell glazes, and refinishing of brick surfaces. Our techniques are based on brushwork, sponge use, metallic powders, earth tone dry pigments, solvent applications, marble graining, and much more. Our work is preceded by preparatory steps, to ensure that your existing furniture and floors are well protected.

Faux Stone Techniques    

Florentine Stone
Florentine Stone
Also called pietra serena, in shades of grey. Ideal for door pediments, pilasters, columns, and modlings.
Create Grey Florentine Stone Finishes
Faux Marble Ceiling
A faux marble ceiling, with gentle graining and a matte varnish, looks marvelous paired with colorwashed or ragged walls.
Create Marble Finishes

Faux Marble Ceiling Create Malachite - a Vibrant Deep Green Faux Finish
Faux Marble Ceiling
Marblized Ceilings
Stone finishes are not only for floors. Create a luxury look with painted ceiliings.
How to Do It
Faux Brick Painting
Faux Brick Finishes
Have old brick that is discolored with terrible mortar or pointing? Need to paint over an interior brick wall? Well, paint it to look like historic brick finishes, from sandstone to deep red and mottled brick types.
How to Faux Finish Old Brick

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